Module 6: Guest Speaker – Hopper Stone + Effective Workflow

  • Week One
    • Module 1: Let’s Get Shooting
    • Module 2: Who’s Who
  • Week Two
    • Module 3: Get Set Prepared
    • Module 4: Good Access = Great Pictures
  • Week Three
    • Module 5: Actors, Genres, Mindset
    • Module 7: Guest Speaker – UK producer Christopher Sheppard, Deals + Getting on Set
  • Week Four
  • Week 5
    • Group Portfolio Review
    • Module 8: Portfolio Ready
  • Bonus Modules
    • How to Shoot a Stunning Poster
    • Bonus: Email Templates

In Module 6 we covered Workflow, setting up folders, and answer lots of questions. We also had the US stills photographer Hopper Stone join us for a fantastic conversation about his work and on set experiences, with some very useful tips and advice to photographers starting out.

Here is an idea from Marq to avoid identical camera’s file names overlapping – “I rename the camera file name, like DSCF is cam 1 and DSCQ is cam 2”

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