About Film Stills Academy

  • The FSA training programme teaches you HOW to be a film stills photographer, WHAT you will need to do, WHERE you should be (and critically where you shouldn’t be!), WHO you should connect with, plus WHY film stills are so important to the process of movie marketing.
  • We give you all the tools you will need to be CONFIDENT in reaching out to get on set, and what to do once you are there.
  • We mix online learning with 1:1 sessions and group Q&As, to fast-track your film stills knowledge.
  • The Film Stills Academy was founded in 2020 by photographer Nicola Dove, who has worked on films such as No Time To Die, Murder On The Orient Express, The Death of Stalin, and many more over her twenty-year career.

We give you in depth insider knowledge on how to be a successful film stills photographer.

David Gennard Photographer, UK

"This course doesn't just fast track you, it propels you on a hyper-speed journey into the world of film stills photography. Nicola's wealth of experience, along with the array of excellent guest speakers, has given me the knowledge and the confidence to get on set and shoot without fear."

Greg Allen Photographer, UK

"A big thanks to Nicola for the FSA Fast Track!  I was asked ( last minute) to shoot stills for a TV pilot and arrived on set with confidence and was able to follow and anticipate most of the happenings on the set!  Without the class, I would have been absolutely lost."

Csengele Horn-Barta Photographer, Budapest

"Guess what? I’ve got my first job on a film set and I’ve been working a lot 🙂  It was so exciting and it has been a really pleasant experience! Anyways, I’m still so thankful to you!! I don’t know what would I have done without taking your course! "

Luma Brieuc Photographer, Canada

"After working on many short films, I often felt like I was stuck and couldn't get to the next level. The Film Stills Fast Track course gave me the tools I needed to figure out what I was missing and how to go about moving forward. The best class I ever attended!"