Film Stills Academy Student's Results

Video Testimonials

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Luma Brieuc Photographer, Canada

Luma shares her experience of the course, from her hotel in the Dominican Republic where she is shooting on second unit on a major studio film.

Matthew Towers Photographer, London, UK

Matthew is currently shooting a feature film, with others in the pipeline. He talks about which aspects of the course, and the 1:1 VIP sessions he had, that helped him the most.

Jax Photographer, New Zealand

Jax talks about how the course helped her land her first TV series.

Julia Firak Photographer, Sydney, Australia

Julia talks about the results she achieved after the course and the benefits of learning with other photographers.

Rich Lowe Photographer, Melbourne, Australia

Rich shares what he found most useful, and how its helped him get onto shorts and with a feature film lined up.

AJ Stetson Photographer, New York, USA

AJ went from having never been on set to shooting on three productions. He shares what insights he gained from the course and the 1:1 VIP sessions.


David Gennard Photographer, UK

This course doesn't just fast track you, it propels you on a hyper-speed journey into the world of film stills photography. Nicola's wealth of experience, along with the array of excellent guest speakers, has given me the knowledge and the confidence to get on set and shoot without fear.

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